Congratulations!  The decision to buy your own home is an exciting one.  The experience should be enjoyable as well as get you the perfect home with the least amount of hassle.

Purchasing a home is a very important decision.  We would like to help you with honest and accurate information so you can make well-informed decisions regarding the purchase of your home.

We are devoted to using our expertise to make your transaction successful! Making this transaction as easy as possible for you is our job.  We arehappy to serve all your real estate needs!

Step-by-Step Home Buying Process

  • Find a realtor you can trust! As a real estate consultant, I am committed to work for your best interests.
  • Choose a lender and obtain a pre-qualification letter and a Good Faith Estimate.
  • Submit your loan Application. I am more than happy to review your estimate from  your lender.
  • Sign a Buyer’s Agreement. By signing this agreement, you are protected to have a full representation from your agent.
  • Complete your wish list for your dream home!
  • Start looking for your dream home!
  • Make an offer on the home you liked!
  • Review Seller’s Disclosure Notice. Ask any questions regarding property condition.
  • Negotiation! Discuss strategies to negotiate.  Negotiation period can be quick or often timely J
  • When both parties agree to all terms, we have a contract! Your home is under contract!
  • Please make sure you understand option period (unrestricted
  • Order inspection
  • Re-negotiation if necessary during the option period
  • Order survey (Lender)
  • Order appraisal (Lender)
  • Obtain Title Commitment (Title company)
  • Review Home Owner’s Association packet if applicable.
  • Obtain a home owner’s insurance
  • Choose a warranty company
  • Review HUD-1 statement
  • Schedule your final walk through. Typically a day prior.
  • Open or transfer utility services
  • Obtain cashier’s check for closing – We will tell you the exact amount you will need 1-2 days prior to closing. You can also wire the fund if you prefer.
  • Closing – Congratulation! Bring your ID to closing!
  • Moving!!