How many people moved to Austin, TX in 2016?

According to the Austin Business Journal, US Census recorded about 159 people in average in 2016.  –Full article 




Austin is ranked #1 in the US – U.S. NEWS

Here you go again! -50 people move to Austin every day.

Austin as “Live Music Capital of the World” and as Silicon Hills, we are proud to have our city listed as #1 again and again.

Despite the hot summer days, we are currently enjoying gorgeous weather at 80F in Austin Texas.

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Homestead Exemption

It’s time to file for your home exemption if you purchased your home in the last year!

You will file with your county between Jan 1st through April 30th.

You do not need to use any services to do this filing.  You may be receiving official looking letters.  Through them away!

Here are the links to each county.

Travis County

Williamson County

Hays County

This is an easy filing you can do yourself.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.


Austin in News – Chronicle


 4/1/2006 – RECON – Austin Housing Bubble


7/15/2008 – Austin Ranked #6 Market in the Country for 2008 Appreciation  

5/3/2008 – Investor’s Business Daily – Austin Bucks the Housing Slump 


2/17/2009  – Austin Ranked #2 Healthiest Housing Market for 2009  

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Cheepest Places to Live (Austin#9)


Economic Index – Austin is listed second in nation

America’s Best Cities

America’s Fast Growing Cities

Austin’s Population NO13 in the nation

Top 10 Cities People are Moving to – Austin is #2!


Austin a Top Real Estate investment


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Best Performing US Cities

Best Neighborhoods to Buy in 2015 (Austin Monthly)