Austin Mayor Steve Adler speaks at CTCAR meeting

CTCAR meeting hosted a special speaker, Steve Adler, Austin Mayor.

He was very boastful of Austin.  He describes Austin as follows.

Austin is:

  • A very healthy city
  • A environmentally sensitive city
  • A Safest metropolitan city

Here is a little extra about Steve Adler:

The Mayor supports Code Next.  Affordability is becoming more serious concern as the city grows bigger.  We will need to be the big city that supports diversity.  This is how Mayor explains on the strategic housing plan.


He also supports a Major League Soccer team coming to Austin.  Announcement from 3 days ago was the MLS team, Columbus considering relocating to Austin.  Austin is one of the very few major cities without a pro sport team.



Austin 101 – Quick Fact

Austin is located in the Central Texas.  It is Capitol of Texas.  It is live music capital of the world, home for F1, UT football, Silicon Hills and in the recent years publications are paying a lot of attentions in Austin.

Austin‘s population – 1,705,075 (in 2009)  -In the 1990s, Austin’s population grew almost 50%.  At this moment in 2013, 60,000 moving to Austin each year.  In the next 2 years, Austin will create 45,000 new jobs.  In 2012, we had about 24,400 jobs were created.

Austin’s weather – About 300 days sunny!  We get periodic thunderstorms but mostly dry.  Hot between May and September.  Generally most beautiful in March, April, October and November.  Cold between December and February.

Austin’s major employers – University of Texas (reside more than 50,000 students plus faculties), Texas government, Seton and St. David hospitals, IBM, Dell, National Instruments, Samsung, Apple, AMD, Freescale, HP, Oracle, Paypal.  Too many high tech companies to list.  Austin is about to get UT medical campus.

Austin’s median age – 32.9 years  (U.S. Bureau of the Census, Decennial Census.)

Austin’s Income – (Year 2011) Median $56,783 compared to national $50,502 (U.S. Bureau of the Census, Decennial Census.)

This is Austin, Texas

Austin Texas – Used be a small town, this city has grown quickly in the last 10 years.

It is the state Capital. 

Over 50,000 students resides in the University of Texas.

Also known as Silicon Hill, high-tech companies play a huge role in Austin.  Just name a few, major employers are IBM, Dell, AMD, Apple, Oracle, Google, Intel, Samsung and National Instruments.

Austin is also called the Live Music Capital of the World!  SXSW in Spring and Austin City Limits in Fall.  These events bring millions of people to Austin each year.  Since 2012, Austin hosts F1 event near downtown.  Fans from all over the world will visit Austin for the race.

The population of Austin has reached 1,705,075 in 2009. (US Census bureau).  Austin is the 13th largest city in the US and its population is larger than its of San Francisco!  More people are moving to Central Texas each day!  The population is to double in the next 20 years.

Austin’s median age is early 30s.  Once you move here, you want to stay here.  Austin is such a vibrant city!  There is always something going on around town: art festivals, music festivals, various cultural events, athletic events, Pecan Street Festival, film festivals, Eeyore’s Birthday Party!  So many city parks and state parks.

If you want to get away, it is a quick drive to hill country and surrounding small towns. Fredericksburgs, Wimberley, Enchanted Rocks, Lampasas, Bastrop, Guadalupe River and so on.

We are excited you are here.  Hope you will find our website resourceful!