Austin is the fastest-growing big city in the U.S.

Austin made to another top of the list in the United States.




Austin Mayor Steve Adler speaks at CTCAR meeting

CTCAR meeting hosted a special speaker, Steve Adler, Austin Mayor.

He was very boastful of Austin.  He describes Austin as follows.

Austin is:

  • A very healthy city
  • A environmentally sensitive city
  • A Safest metropolitan city

Here is a little extra about Steve Adler:

The Mayor supports Code Next.  Affordability is becoming more serious concern as the city grows bigger.  We will need to be the big city that supports diversity.  This is how Mayor explains on the strategic housing plan.


He also supports a Major League Soccer team coming to Austin.  Announcement from 3 days ago was the MLS team, Columbus considering relocating to Austin.  Austin is one of the very few major cities without a pro sport team.



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