Energy Audit – City of Austin

Energy Audit by City of Austin

As a part of energy conservation strategy, City of Austin implemented the new ordinance back in 2009.
This required home sellers to go through an energy efficiency inspection.
Is this really helping to conserve energy?  Did it really make it more difficult to buy or sell properties like people were afraid at the beginning?  Reports are about 9 pages.  It does outline conditions on your HVAC systems, air ducts, windows, and insulation’s, but I just can not say this is beneficial for residents.  Generally home owners do not need to be warned unless you have some real reasons to be worried about.  The cost is about $150 per AC unit.
You will need to order an audit if
1. You live in Austin and receive electric service through Austin Energy,
2. Your home is more than 10 years old
You may be exempted from this audit if you have upgraded your home and received rebates from the city.  Exemptions are listed below.
Again you do not need to be scared if you own an older home.  Instead, you may consider some of the beneficial upgrades if it is time to changes out.  City offers evaluation of your homes.  City also has rebate programs if you upgrade your AC systems, hot water heaters, insulation and etc.


Good luck!